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Diwali Foundation is a non-profitable humanitarian organization committed to make a meaningful contribution to the betterment of society.

The origination is named as 'DIWALI' to represent the "light of hope". It is a non-religious organization which intends to serve the poor and the needy and achieve lasting solutions over poverty.

Primarily focusing on education along with other pain areas, Diwali aims to make a child and youth self-reliant, thus creating a society of independent people living with dignity.

23rd August 2011

To Bring a meaningful socio-economic change in the society by supporting poor and needy.

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Diwali Foundation's PAN: AAATD9231C
Diwali Foundation's PAN: AAATD9231C - Please use this while filing tax retunrs


Receipts for FY11-12
Team, Please ask for eReceipts for your contributions to FY11-12. You will get tax benifit for 50% of the amount you contributed.